Tri-Fold Card & Gum Package!

Hello Everyone!!

I just wanted to send a note out there to my subscribers who may not visit the physical site everyday (but check my posts in their emails). I have updated the site to have a About/Contact page as well as a Blog Roll with all the links to sites I visit.
Last night I created a Fish themed Tri-Fold card, which means when you open the card to the left you have to open another fold to your right to get the message on the inside. This is great if you have a few people signing a card, or a few messages to give. Mine ended up being a fathers day card- not sure why but it reminded me of it

So here it is:

I also tried Holly Beary Creations new post. A gum pack! HOW CUTE?!?!?!
Can you tell I’m bored of studying?!?!  I had some light pink cardstock as a scrap so I decided to use that to try it out (as I’ve never made one before) and it ended up having sort of a Valentines Day Theme haha.

Hope you like and comment!

❤ Ashley


April 25, 2010. Cards, Paper Craft Projects.

One Comment

  1. Holly replied:

    Super Cute!!! I’m glad you liked the project…

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